Slowride - C/S (Cover Artwork)
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C/S (2006)

Deep Elm

Slowride's C/S is a partially intriguing record that appears to blend early `90s indie rock (see: Mudhoney, etc.) with the moody progressions of grunge from the same era. It may not be a visually explosive, memorable experience, but for its duration provides a look at what happens when you combine the styles and make it sound accessible enough to work.

Hints of mid-`90s alternative rock pop up throughout as a result, too. If not for a lack of anguished screams but with straight indie rock guitars in its place, "The Year of the Snake" could be an outtake from the Foo Fighters' self-titled album. It's tracks like these and "Snake" that keep things paced with an interesting riff here or there. In fact, while the vocalist, whose lazy affectation works well for the sound, sort of debunks the comparison, "Morals and Dogma" contains what sounds like chords thrown out of brainstorming ideas on Dear You.

I can't really come up with much else to say about C/S. It's decent enough with hooks here and there but seems to lack the inspiriation for wealthy descriptions.

Morals and Dogma

Rust Killer
It's Good to Be Back
30 East