Reach The Sky - Friends, Lies, And The End of the World (Cover Artwork)

Reach The Sky

Friends, Lies, And The End of the World (2001)


Boston has always been a giant mecca of hardcore, and Reach The Sky is no different. This is Reach The Sky's second release on Victory Records. While their last effort, "So Far From Home" was all about straightedge hardcore, there are some new elements this time around to take notice to. While this is still technically in my mind a well crafted hardcore album, there is some parts that are way more emotional than heard from these guys before.

Most songs are short and to the point, which may be a mixed blessing to some. The first song, "Let Us Be Damned" is one of the best songs on here. This track is an excellent opener and sucks you right in. Ian (singer) is one of the best front men in hardcore today. The lyrics, though dark, are easy to sing along to.

This disc is all about production. The main man himself, Brian McTerman (whos seems to be producing every hardcore album today) is the real highlight of this album, even though hes not a member of the band. As expected, all songs sounds great; all songs are mixed perfectly an have that hint of a live sound. Obviously, its my best guess that this was done on purpose to make all songs easily transferable to the stage.

This new release may not be the best release of this year, but it does contain some elements which hardcore fans will come to appreciate. Be it great all around production, sinister lyrics, or just that sense of begin there live, Reach The Sky will give fans of the genre something to cheer about.