Shattered Realm - From the Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing (Cover Artwork)

Shattered Realm

From the Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing (2005)


I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I learned that I would be reviewing Shattered Realm's From the Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing. I had heard so much about this thing called "tough guy" hardcore, and ever since I read fellow staffer FortyMinuteWest's review of Shattered Realm's Broken Ties…Spoken Lies…, they have been on my list of bands to check out.

Shattered Realm combine chugga chugga riffs (awesome!), with double-bass beats (double awesome!), and some metal undertones (brutally awesome!) to create a serious and devastating sound. Still, let's not forget what really makes a tough guy band: Some kick-ass Cookie Monster vocals! New vocalist Joe Hardcore brings the hate with his sweet and near indecipherable style. It may just sound like, "Blah blarg blarg blah blarg RARRRRR," but he is actually singing about tough shit like dead friends, hardcore, and enemies. The most downright stunning lyrics on the album however can be found on "Eat Shit." Its five word content of "Eat shit, go to hell" is sure to be the mantra for tough guy hardcore fans everywhere.

My only complaint about this album is that every now and then Shattered Realm stop bringing the mosh or the breakdown and make themselves stand out from their tough guy brethren, and well, I think that hint of individuality needs to go. Also, some of the lyrics like, "When did knuckles and tattoos make you the fuckin' man?" seem like they may be critical of the awesomeness that is tough guy hardcore. But hey, besides that, this album is totally fucking brutal and vicious, a real pit pleaser!