Kill Your Idols - This Is Just the Beginning (Cover Artwork)

Kill Your Idols

This Is Just the Beginning (1999)


I don't think there is a band out there that can blend thrashy, straightforward knock you on your ass speed and melodic riffs that would support the vocals of someone like Zoli from Ignite like Kill Your Idols does, at least musically speaking. This band is one of those bands that was a breath of fresh air when they started touring, at least for some of the older kids like myself who were beginning to wonder if every band out was going to be just another boring old-school revival band, which was the trend at the time.

KYI came through with speed, fury, and a presence that had not been seen in a long time by anyone. The energy that they had during their live shows made it so the only thing you could do is go nuts and try to kill everyone in the room.

This Is Just the Beginning combines everything that I have just talked about. It has blinding speed that imprints the vision of a circle pit in your brain and melodic guitar parts that ALMOST makes you wish Andy could sing instead of his signature vocal barking (which is so fitting for the band). One thing I also love about the music on this record is that KYI are not afraid to have guitar solos, which a lot of hardcore bands either choose not to do, or their guitarists just plain can't do it. I have a little piece of me that loves fast thrashy guitar solos, and if you do too there are a few treats waiting for you on this EP.

The only complaint that I would have is that the vocal pattern is a bit unchanged from song to song and that at times can make it sound like you are listening to one long song. But either way, Andy is a great front-man and does an overall great job on this record.