The Nerve Agents - The Butterfly Collection (Cover Artwork)

The Nerve Agents

The Butterfly Collection (2001)


After hearing the song "So, Very Avoidable" I had very high expectations for this record. I downloaded that trck from the Epitaph site and hated it. But, for whatever reasons I kept listening to it and it grew on me. Eventually I found myself waiting for this cd to come out so I could rush out to buy it.

Well as it was, i quit my job the next day and blew all my cash fixing up my guitar a few days after that so i had no $ to get it when it came out. I just ran into some cash now and i ran out and bought this record and trust me, it was well worth the wait.

Many people say that this band is exactly like AFI but i do not think so. Both bands have the same goth/punk roots but i find that The Nerve Agents are much more angry and in your face with their songs. The only real down side to this disc is the length and number of the songs. Most of the songs are about 1:30 in length so one would expect more than 14 tracks. I know theres actually 15 but the 15th isnt really a song just noises and shit like that (very much like the last song on the new Grade album) I still think that "So, Very Avoidable" is the best on the album but of the 13 other songs there isnt one bad one.

I'd say most anyone would be able to get into this one. It's got speed for the skate-punk kids and semi-screaming for the hardcore boys and girls and the lyrics and look of the band is very dark for the gothpunk children. This is definately one record that everyone should have.