Andrew W.K. - Who Knows? Live in Concert: 2000-2004 [DVD] (Cover Artwork)

Andrew W.K.

Who Knows? Live in Concert: 2000-2004 📀 (2006)

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Anyone that has followed the career of Andrew W.K. knows that he can be a very odd, but clever individual. On top of this, he's all about having fun, which you've got to love him for. This of course, is on top of his immense musical talent.

Overall, his new DVD, Who Knows? Live in Concert 2000-2004 is entertaining, and aside from the music, it gives a look into the mind of the man behind the music…just not enough to give away his secrets.

An interesting letter to Andrew fills the first two pages of the booklet that comes with the DVD; it's signed ‘Dad.' In it, Dad speaks about guiding Andrew and worrying about him slipping in his career with certain aspects they apparently discussed together. Along with this odd letter, there are a number of odd scenes and narration between live footage, that just make you wonder what the hell is going on with this guy. At the very least, it turns the DVD into an experience, rather than your average live video recording. However, the interruptions often seen awkward, and that they may discourage watching this repetitiously.

It also features a number of scenes that go into slow motion, making swooshing sounds as Andrew's arms flail all over the place. In a few of the songs, he has a little kid (maybe 10-12) on stage dancing, singing, and swinging his arms around just like Andrew. For lack of a better term, it's darn cute.

Then there is the live footage itself, which -- whether you're a fan of this guy or not -- is pure energy. Using a technique called "synch-stacking," various audio and video recording are spliced together to create a near flawless and continuous flow, combining a number of live shows into one. Some of the audio and video is a bit older, so it's not the prettiest thing you'll ever see or hear, but it's still live Andrew W.K. (which brings back memories of one of the best mosh pits I've ever been in). The scenes of him rocking out in the wheelchair are unforgettable.

The booklet provides a decent amount of information on Andrew himself, but constantly reminds us, as does the following narration by Andrew 20 minutes into the DVD:

It is my absolute honor/privilege/responsibility and my job, to make as many people feel good as possible. We don't have fans; we have friends. These are the greatest days of my life, and all they are revolving around is the intensity of so many friends. Life's too short. Everyone's invited to this party; it doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, what you taste like, what you act like, what you like, what you don't like -- if you like you -- if you like things in general -- if you're happy to be here, come inside.
Andrew W.K. and his music are things that simply make you feel good, and this DVD is a testament to that. Despite a few of its oddities (which aren't necessarily flaws, but just some things I haven't figured out), it is definitely something worth checking out for any fan.

There are a few bonus features, including backstage-type scenes that were cut, and a few other extra scenes, but they aren't things you'll find yourself going back to more than once.