Jawbreaker - Unfun (Cover Artwork)


Unfun (1990)


When it comes to early influences, this band and this album stick out firmly in my mind. This is by far my most favorite record by Jawbreaker.

I believe I first heard this in '92 when friend of mine introduced me to them..In those days I was into the whole Down by Law, Pennywise, NOFX - the Epitaph scene. (which there is nothing wrong with), So this took a while to get used to because this sounded nothing like the punk I was listening to at the time.

The overall quality isn't all that good, but it just hits you in a way that their other albums don't. "want" is an amazing song, and I knew just by hearing it, that this album would soon change me. Actually this was one of the first bands who opened my mind to the different styles of punk rock.

This album is a true rarity in my book, it's one of the few where I can get into each and every song. I can't seem to do that with other Jawbreaker records. "fineday", "imaginary war", "wound", "down", "eye 5" are just a few great songs that come to mind...

This is a band that has paved the way for so many expierimental acts to follow in their footsteps, but can't quite fill their shoes, and for good reason you just can't imitate Jawbreaker. They had their own trademark sound which it seems like no other could copy.

In short, this band is amazing, If you haven't heard Jawbreaker I highly suggest you get this album, it shows the band in their early stages and in their simplicity and rawness. I wish they were still around, but they have moved on to better things I guess (You've seen members in bands like J-Church and Horace Pinker to name some) But this truly remains a classic to me.