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Weezer (1994)


I always figured Weezer was one of the most reviewed artists on this entire site, and while I'm correct - it's pretty much just a mass of reviews for 'The Green Album', along with one for 'Pinkerton' (and not a very good one, mind you). So I figured, why not review this album? I'm actually a new fan to Weezer, and this was the second album I decided to buy after the Green Album. I almost didn't, because I didn't enjoy the Green Album too much - except for the two mainstream singles, 'Hash Pipe' and 'Island in the Sun'. I was hoping The Blue Album wouldn't be like this, and I was right.

This album came out in 1994, and that particular time in my life I didn't really listen to the radio much at all, and when I did it was not the generic alternative station that I listen to know whenever I'm in a car. What this means is, I have no idea what songs on this album were singles, and so I had an unbiased point of view when listening to this album - ie I didn't just skip from single to single, going to each of the songs that I already knew.

After listening to it a few times, I had my favorite songs, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were all the singles. Still, I enjoyed the entire album. It was beautifully composed, and some of the songs really struck me - in particular 'Say it 'aint So'. Some of the other songs that stuck in my head were 'Undone', 'Buddy Holly', 'Surf Wax America', and my other favorite - 'In the Garage'. The songs not listed weren't filler sounding material however, which I did consider some of The Green Album to be. I actually didn't even consider Weezer a punk band, but don't worry, it's not one of those 'punker than thou' deals. They're just really melodic and somewhat poppy. But you know what, they're also one of the most beautiful sounding bands I've listened to. I'm sure many of you have already heard this album, and you've probabaly already got opinions on it. For those of you who havn't heard it though, I strongly recommend getting it. I put it right up there along with 'Pinkerton', with 'The Green Album' following. Any Weezer album I've heard has still been a high quality release, well worth the $14.99 I had to use pay for it.