Down By Law - Blue (Cover Artwork)

Down By Law

Blue (1992)


In the 12 years this band has existed so far, they have put out some of the most amazing albums I've ever heard. namely s/t, punkrockacademyfightsong, and this record all remain my favorites....and this still remains one of the biggest selling records on epitaph...(although I think its out of print now).

"The last brigade" just knocked me flat on my ass...actually the only word I said through the entire 40 minutes was "whoa". I heard the other songs like "break the walls", "at home in the wasteland", and "air conditioner" to name a few and I was hooked.

It's not your typical early 90's epitaph sound; it incorporates some of the characteristics of the "california" sound epitomized by most other bands on the label, but it lacked speed. The slower pace had become a thing I appreciated about DBL.

The lyrics are what I like most...such a wide range: politics, love, anger, Its all there...these are lyrics that are not just true to the band, but were meant to be felt and understood by others as well. And have come to be a thing they have been recoginized and praised for.

well, its One hell of a band, and one hell of a record...Love em or hate em...theyre here to stay and even though theyve kinda dropped from sight the past few years They will be rocking your ass soon.