The Killing Moon - A Message Through Your Teeth (Cover Artwork)

The Killing Moon

A Message Through Your Teeth (2006)


The Killing Moon will stay in the back row of the music scene for however long they decide to stick around. They'll be unknown to many and the few that do know will only know them as a band signed to Fearless Records. And while the vocals, at times, and some of the guitar work does nothing to prove the previous statements wrong, the Killing Moon are actually better than anything hinted at above.

Sure, I can't find anything outstanding in a majority of their music ability, but none of the work is worse than a majority of bands out there. The reason why they stick out is because of the use of a trombone and saxophone from time to time. Sure, it isn't really used the way it should be and could feel like a gimmick, but I'd rather have a trombone/saxophone combo as a gimmick in an emo band than being hit with by a band that doesn't even try.

"Bottomfeeder" starts off with some melodic guitar work and questionable vocal work, but the trombone/saxophone in the beginning is a nice touch and the choruses are better than their fellow scene mates. The chorus on "Subject A" is extremly catchy and easily one of the standouts on the CD. For only one guitarist in the band, Ryan Hannan holds his own on "A Book of Love Stories," and "Postcard from Los Angeles."

For a five-song EP, A Message Through Your Teeth is pretty listenable and better than a majority of the bands I've been reviewing lately. Sure, it still needs to work, but I have to give props for at least a tad bit of creativity. Emo with a trombone, never saw that coming.