Avail - One Wrench (Cover Artwork)


One Wrench (2000)

Fat Wreck Chords

Ahhhh nothing better than some good southern punk rock. Avail are the leading ass kickers in the thriving richmond, virginia punk scene...commnly known as RVA.

When I heard Avail had signed to Fat, I had doubts to tell you the truth. Most of the bands on the label had grown old over the years with the same thing over and over (with the exception of a few.)

I ordered "One Wrench" through the mail a few days after It came out...I was hoping for another "Dixie" because "over the James" had disapointed me a little...what I got wasnt "Dixie" yet something almost as good.

It starts off with a song appropriately titled "fast one" which is over before you know it, but leads into one of my favorite songs "taken", which I had heard on the life in the fat lane comp. but was supposed to be unreleased. Other songs like "leveled", "high lonesome", "invisible", and "union" are just incredible.

This album kinda captures the rawness of their live show...the quality of the CD isnt that good...But that makes me like this album even more....One of the few bands who just make my jaw drop everytime I see them live.

Tim Barry and co. have sure created their own sound...mixing hardcore with somewhat anthemic punk and its all their own. This record has instilled my faith in this band....not quite as good as "dixie" but a close second definitley. makes me proud to be from the south...nah not really.