Hot Water Music - Forever and Counting (Cover Artwork)

Hot Water Music

Forever and Counting (1997)


A friend of mine who lives In HWM's hometown of gainesville Fl. introduced me to this band in 1995...she played "finding the rythms" for me...and frankly at first I couldnt get into it at all.

About a year and a half later I was back in gainesville and I had the chance to see the guys live. They obviously had a huge local fanbase...the club was friggin packed...after working my way closer to the stage for about an hour...they finally came on. started talking about a new album and they were going to play some songs from the new kinda get them down.

The first song they played was "just dont say you lost it"...I remember distinctly..because the music hit me like a wall...I have never seen a band put so much emotion into their live show. And the album itself speaks no less.

The first song "translocation" blew me away. You could feel the music as if they were playing live in front of you. every song is great in its own way...but certain ones hit me harder than others...."rest assured", "position", "western grace", and my favorite HWM song ever..."minno".

Suddenly I became a fan....I then went right out and bought "fuel for the hate game" and the album I previously had so many doubts about "finding the rythyms"...once I gave them a chance, I was hooked.

I have since bought every single obtainable HWM record to date..and none have dissapointed me. Although most know this band through Their newest record "a flight and a crash" which is great don't get me wrong, but does nothing to compare to the first 4 albums.

This band is continuously turning heads and getting attention with their unique brand of Post hardcore. This is a classic in my book, And I don't think they can top themselves after "forever and counting"... but who knows?