Those Furious Flames - ...She's Great! (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Those Furious Flames

...She's Great! (2005)


I can't decide if it's refreshing or annoying that some bands are still trying to make and recreate the punk rock of the 1980s. Either way it's an admirable attempt, but some bands simply do not have the chops to pull of the real authentic feel and grit of those bands of two decades ago.

Those Furious Flames reside on a perch on the fence.

On one hand, they do do a good job in capturing the spirit and urgency that so many bands had in the `80s, and a tough, gritty resolve with snotty punk rock attitude. That's the most important thing, however, I'd be a liar if I said that this formula doesn't grow a bit tiresome, simply because the album is about 10 or 15 minutes longer than it needs to be. This style doesn't cater to records closing in on 40 minutes, because there's only so much most can take of three-chord punk and the background vocals. Judging on merits alone, TFF serve up just what they need to for the entire album's duration. Not content to be just a three-chord band, there's a number of impressive guitar solos, albeit quick ones, to be found courtesy of the guitarist simply known as Pat.

As soon as "Look at That Girl" starts, it's quite apparent that this is a five-piece that means business. The quick rhythms match up perfectly with Jullo's brash vocal style, all the while Pat's rock‘n'roll solos stay on the undercurrent, coming to the forefront at the most opportune of times. The anthemic sounds of the background vocals permeate deep into your head until before you know it, your foot is tapping to the beat and your fist is in the air. Each song picks up perfectly where the last left off, not losing any sort of intensity or spirit, with songs like "That's Enough!" injecting some real vigor just when the album starts to wain. Past that though, some of the tracks really do start to run together, and that's a definite risk you run when you put 14 songs on an album.

A really rousing effort from Those Furious Flames, and if they were to shave just 10 minutes off the time of the record, they'd have a real terrific effort here. That's not to cut them musically short, as they're a very talented outfit, but sometimes, less is more.