Flee the Seen - Doubt Becomes the Addiction (Cover Artwork)

Flee the Seen

Doubt Becomes the Addiction (2006)


After listening to the sampler that came with the February/March issue of AMP, I'm now going to have to buy it when ever it's released. The sampler introduced me to four outstanding bands: No Trigger, the Loved Ones, Skylines, and Flee the Seen. I didn't exactly expect much from this band, especially after I saw their press photo, but damn this was a surprise.

Kim Anderson is easily the best female vocalist in the scene right now. And unlike some female vocalists, she isn't the only thing that will gather people's attention (Lacuna Coil, Paramore). Kim Anderson's mellow singing vocals are dead on, and she perfectly delivers the emotion around the choruses. You could probably describe her voice as a stronger version of Tsunami's Bomb vocalist Agent M. At times her male counterparts handle the vocals, which range from some laid back singing (think the Forecast) on tracks like "I'll Be Back on Sunday," to the high-pitched snarls layered behind Anderson's singing on "Wire Tap Out."

Musically, Flee the Seen try to at least keep it different. The music can pretty much be described as post-hardcore. At times, like on "Wire Tap Out," the music also features a few breakdowns and slower hardcore-ish moments. On "I'll Be Back on Sunday," the music is almost dreamy, filled with a mix of R.L. Brooks' and Anderson's mellow vocals to create the perfect atmosphere for the song.

Flee the Seen are one hell of a surprise. Not only do they bring one of the best female vocalists ever, they actually back it with worthy music and don't have to be carried by the vocals alone. If you're looking for a slightly different and fresh taste in this scene, or are just looking for something to fill the void of the now defunct Tsunami Bomb, check this out.