Cheap Sex - Headed for a Breakdown (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Cheap Sex

Headed for a Breakdown (2004)


I don't think anything good has ever resulted from cheap sex. Hell, I don't think anything good has ever resulted from anyone paying for sex in the first place. Arrests, the clap, or just knowing that you had sex with some hideous back alley trick because it was the best you can do is enough to piss anyone off. So if that's where Cheap Sex is drawing inspiration for their name, or their record Headed for a Breakdown, it fully explains why they're so damn pissed off.

Vocalist Mike Virus spits fire on this record, and it's evident not only through his venomous delivery, but the lyrics that remain heavily focused on social and political issues. It's more the latter, as clearly evidenced by "Raped by the FCC:"

I turn on the radio the other day, Howard Stern was taken off the radio waves / I don't care if you are a fan, I just want you to see / How the first amendment was raped by the FCC / Indecency is a word for the freedom invasion, from the Christian right and the Bush administration / Church and state is his agenda, drop a bomb in a heartbeat but a boob offends ya?
They make no qualms about their beliefs, as the majority of other songs on the record hold similar ideals. It's refreshing to see a band stand up for what they believe, and convey it in a rather intelligent manner, one that really does give their words the credibility that a lot of bands simply don't have. In addition to their political affiliations, the song "Raped by the FCC" is just a damn good song. Between Mike Virus' hardcore-like shouting, and Chris Blitz's lightning quick guitar playing, a very formidable combination is formed.

All through the record, the buzz saw guitar work is loud and dangerous, the vocals volatile, and the bass and drums strong and present enough to really flesh out the sound. There isn't a weak song to be found on the entire album, and even when some tracks are waning, Blitz's guitar work is right there to pull the song from the muck and hoist it into the sky. They don't relent for even a moment, their gritty punk storm casting over every minute of the record. Mike Virus' scruffy vocals at the forefront of it all. It's an energy and conviction, a raw power that punk rock was founded on, and it's terrific to see that that spirit is still alive and kicking these days.

So now I've invalidated my own introductory paragraph, something good has come from Cheap Sex, and who knows, maybe they'll send Dick Cheney a copy.