Limp - Pop and Disorderly (Cover Artwork)


Pop and Disorderly (1998)

Honest Don's

Limp have become a favorite of mine over the past 2 years. I placed an order in at Fat Wreck one day and listed this album as an alternate in case they didnt have what I really wanted and low and behold they were out of the particular item so I got this CD instead.

At first I wasn't sure on what to think. It was definitley different...but I'm always up for something like that. So I gave it a chance. After listening for a few days, It grew and grew on me. eventually making its way onto the "played once a week list".

Limp's music is kinda undefinable..the closest you can come is pop-punk but take some ska, punk, surf, and just some good rock and mix it up. "far away" is a great is "stable" "eighteen" "believe" and my favorite song "bug dance"...there is even a cover of "holiday road" on here too.

I have never seen Limp live which is something I wish i could do sometime soon. I have always heard they tear ass if you see them live. But they never seem to make it to the dirty south, which sucks.

Anyway, This one talented band, great lyrics and song structures, just a great album. Check this out if you haven't already...