Ten Foot Pole - Unleashed (Cover Artwork)

Ten Foot Pole

Unleashed (1997)


This is the first album back for TFP after Original vocalist Scott Radinsky was let go from the band because of his baseball obligations. Originally I wasnt so sure about this one....Guitarist Dennis Jaggard took over on vocals while remaining on guitar, and the band became a 4 piece.

I picked this up anyway, because I had been a fan of TFP's older records REV, and swill....What I got wasnt the old TFP at all. But it wasn't bad by any means. It was a cleaner, smoother sound from what I expected it to be.

The first tune "fiction" is super fast.. Tony the drummer is friggin amazing. He ranks up there with the byrons, jordans, sandins, among others..."john" is a great song as well, really fast, in fact, most of the record is damn fast..not to mention well thought out and well structured lyrics, you just know they worked their asses off on this album.

When you listen to REV..and then this you can't believe its really the same band playing...they had came a long way musically Incorporating tons more melody, while remaining aggressive at the same time. Songs like: "damage" "pride and shame" "regret" and the fucking awesome but funny song "A.D.D.".

This is a landmark for TFP, and for obvious reasons. It was kind of a new beginning for them, and a new sound. Check it out, I had my doubts about it too, but what doubts I had soon diminshed after hearing this. Too bad I can't say the same for "insider".