DK Limb - Defy Define Definition (Cover Artwork)
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DK Limb

Defy Define Definition (2006)

Hand of Hope

DK Limb play mid-tempo emo rock with two seriously obvious influences: Texas Is the Reason, and Glassjaw vocalist Daryl Palubmo.

Sounds like an interesting combination, right? It definitely is, as unusual as it may sound to some. Only, DK Limb offer shades of 2006 in two traits here, one being the solid production, which is surely glossier than either Texas Is the Reason or Do You Know Who You Are? (the latter of which, by the way, seems to contribute the most musical influence of the two here). That I have no problem with. What I do have a problem with is that the band has to scream every so often. I'm not talking about sincere, anguished yelling; no, it's the typical faux-hardcore scream employed by seemingly every band that's formed in the 2000s. It nearly ruins any song the band uses it in, taking a solid, refreshing rock cut and driving it into a wall with a painfully mind-numbing cliché; this makes for one promising but seriously frustrating record.

Again, the Palumbo-isms juxtaposing the band's musical influences is pretty neat. "6 A.M." finds the singer in question, Chris Liegerot, showing off his solid range. A warble, a soothing falsetto, a slightly gravelly singing tone, it's all there. In "Said and Done," he does the neat little fast-paced vocal tumbles, which serves the song well and almost makes up for the overabundance of caterwaul, Emanuel-like screaming throughout it; some background guitar swirls make up a nice base as well.

The second half of the album isn't as strong as the few songs preceding it, but the band knows how to effortlessly inject some gentle post-rock moments that give it a nice touch ("Didn't Go to College"), and from tracks 7 through 10 there's nary a scream. Again, it's just a bit frustrating that these songs aren't as affecting as the ones that are actually plagued by the screaming. Oh well.

Still, there are some seriously enjoyable moments and a few good songs on the whole on DK Limb's Defy Define Definition. I'm sure one day they'll grow past the one childish fault to write a collection of superb, strong songs without the one haunting trait damaging it.

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