Jimmy Eat World/Hey Mercedes/Reubens Accomplice - live in New York (Cover Artwork)

Jimmy Eat World / Hey Mercedes / Reubens Accomplice

live in New York (2001)

live show

Reuben's Accomplice - Ehhhh...they were okay. They really didn't have that much energy, and their music certainly wasn't anything special. They just kind of stood there and played some mediocre indie-pop. Maybe their recordings sound better, but based on that performance, I wasn't really interested in hearing it. They played for slightly under a half hour.

Hey Mercedes - I really liked these guys. I don't think they're quite up to snuff of where Braid left off, but they certainly do have talent. I can't wait for Vagrant to get off their asses and actually release their album. I think the only thing stopping these guys from getting really big is the lack of a full-length out. Once they have an easily accessible full-length under their belts, people will definitely start going to their shows and singing along. It's hard to get into songs you've never heard before, and songs off the future full-length made up about half of their set. Everyone had a lot of energy, and I thought that they played very well during their 35-40 minutes of stage time.

Jimmy Eat World - This show definitely reminded me of why I love these guys. Sure, some of their songs can get a little sappy at times, but they sure know how to play and put on a good show. They restrain their energy during the slower parts, and let it all out during the faster and harder parts. Frontman Jim Adkins has a really great voice, as does the other guitarist/back-up vocalist and the woman who does back-up vocals/keyboards/cymbals who's on tour with them. They played a good mix of everything, with 2-3 songs off of Static Prevails, one song off a split with Jebediah, and the rest a pretty much equal share of songs off of Clarity and Bleed American. After they played "Goodbye Sky Harbor" to finish off their set, I glanced at the time and couldn't believe that they had played for almost an hour and fifteen minutes. They came back for an encore of three songs, finally closing with the ultra-catchy "Sweetness." Their entire set was nearly an hour and a half long. I'm going to make sure to catch these guys again, even if it's going to be at a bigger venue next time, which is certainly likely the way that they are headed.