Stereotactic - The Dawning (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The Dawning (2005)


Alright, so this is what I'm going to do for you guys. I know there's times where you read my reviews and think, "wow, I just wasted my time on reading about an awful band, thanks Anchors, you jackass." Understandable. So, I offer you the following compromise. I'm going to give you some examples of this band's lyrics, and that right there will tell you whether or not you want to continue, I promise. Shall we;

When they cut me, I did see, I saw the blood run through the streets / But I will lick my wounds and heal, who are you and where are we? / This can't be real, and I am starting to feel cold inside.
Painted pictures on the back of hands, still I sit with knife in hand / I'm here because you're not, broken glass surrounds me / Time moves on even though you're gone, this was my cry for help.
Pain, can't stop the pain, blocked out the day / Can't stop the pain, feel my life drain / I levitate my mind to get out of my head, forget the pain this time it's all or nothing.
Alright, now that approximately 3 people are reading, I can assuredly tell you that there is nothing, absolutely nothing worth merit in this record. The lead singer is capable of carrying a good harmony, but his penchant for the dramatic causes him to draw a lot of those harmonies out for a lot longer than is actually necessary. The background screaming is trite and forced, much like another talentless band whose name starts with H, and ends in awthorne Heights. The muddled riffing is the same in every song, give or take for a few minor variations that you have to listen extremely closely for to even catch. They even have the token acoustic track in the middle to make all those 14-year-old girls really swoon.

The worst part of this record is that I know that it'll sell.