Skeletonbreath - Louise (Cover Artwork)


Louise (2006)



Coming at the listener with a furious combination of drums, bass, and violin (yeah, violin!) Skeletonbreath is truly one of the most original bands not only in the instrumental scene, but the music scene in general. Their sound is described as self-proclaimed "Halloween dance music." Imagine if the Devil himself was a breakdancer. Skeletonbreath would be the righteous jams spewing out of his hellish boom-box.

Skeletonbreath play a dirty trick on the opening track of Louise. The tune "Surf Music" starts out as an ambient interplay between the bass and some sort of glokenspiel type of instrument. Then, out of nowhere, the trio comes out with guns blazing, putting the proverbial pedal to the metal and accelerates into a groove on acid.

The group are all obviously accomplished musicians, as evidenced by their tight performance on disk. They shift time signatures and tempos on a dime, and do so flawlessly. The drummer knows the art of the groove, and has a style of playing which holds it together like Gorilla Glue. After all, sometimes the most important notes are the ones you don't play. The bass playing on this disk is stellar, and a favorite moment of mine sees the bass playing a riff using entirely harmonics while the violin and drums tone it down.

One of the best things about Louise is the fact that, despite only three instruments being involved, the styles which Skeletonbreath touch on in the album are innumerable. From polka, to samba, to prog and even some free jazz, the group goes the extra mile in making an album which has no two parts that sound remotely the same. That said, they miraculously manage to create songs that, while being different, still share common threads.

Skeletonbreath is quite possibly the best fitting band name I have ever encountered. The band harkens ghoulish imagery, as if a skeleton were to come up behind you, tap you on the shoulder, and breathe softly on your neck. As the chills run down your spine and your hair stands on end, the skeleton then proceeds to whip out a piece of cardboard and start poppin' and lockin' in front of your very eyes.

The only words the skeleton uttered were "You got served!" And that is precisely what Skeletonbreath do on their album Louise: serve you. And you like it!