Anti-Flag - A New Kind Of Army (Cover Artwork)


A New Kind Of Army (1999)

Go Kart

When i first heard the album "Die For The Government", i knew that this band was gonna be something. It had some great songs but it was just a little to rough around the edges. So, as it seemed Anti-Flag went away for awhile, released "Their System Doesn't Work For You", but still were only inches from greatness. Then "A New Kind Of Army" was released and it blew me away. I wasn't expecting what i got as this album was recorded in Justin Sane's (vocals/guitar) kitchen.

I must say, I love every song on this cd (heh even the joke last track "This is not a Crass song")

This cd starts with what i think is, sofar, the best opening song on any record ever "Tearing Everyone Down". It continues with "Captain Anarchy" which is followed but the title track which is an awesome song. The next song, "That's Youth" is possibly the weakest on the album. However if you see them play this song live, you may agree with me that it is one of the best live songs you've ever seen. Next up is a speedy song "No Apology". Following that is one of my fav's on the disc, "Got The Numbers". The next few songs are a little slower that some of those which started off the album but they're so catchy that you speed demons out there can still enjoy them. "Free Nation?" kicks things up again with quick drum beats and fast singing. This pace pretty much contunues through song 13 "Police Story" which is another one of my favourites. The next song, "The Consumer's Song" is just Justin playing his guitar and singing. It is like the songs on his solo project E.P. which I'll be reviewing next. The last song on this record is a little joke song called "This is not a Crass song!". Its a short little song that sounds like a Crass song (obviously) but guess what!? IT ISN'T!.

This is definately my favourite Anti-Flag cds and one of my best in general. The newest one "Underground Network" comes close, i give it a 9, but i dont think its quite as catchy.