ALL - Greatest Hits (Cover Artwork)


Greatest Hits (1998)


Ok most of you know the story behind the complicated ALL/descendents family tree.....So im not going to bore you by hashing over that rather long story with you.

This record has "the favorites" if you will from 1988 to 1998 sort of a 10 year anniversary CD. It features all 3 ALL vocalists Dave Smalley, (Allroy sez, Allroy for prez) Scott Reynolds, (Allroys revenge, trailblazer, Allroy saves and percolater) And Chad price ( Breaking things, pummel, mass nerder and everything else All has done since).

Most people have a preference on which ALL singer they like best...for me its any of them..Ive always been a fan of matter who is singing. And this has a lot of my favorite songs from every record, not to mention a few EP's and 7"s.

Most of the songs on this album are very good...but some we could have done without...but I have to give them credit..they know how to write some damn catchy tunes...they have the whole thing down, and know exactly what theyre doing.

All in All..(no pun intended there..seriously) This is a great record if you want to discover the early years of ALL...No matter what your singer preference is..hell even Milo sings one track "just like them" Its a must have for any ALL fan.