Endstand - The Time Is Now (Cover Artwork)
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The Time Is Now (2006)


I'm willing to bet we'll hear a lot more from the Hope Conspiracy this coming year. While the band hasn't delivered new material since both 2002's split with the Suicide File and the seemingly prophetically titled Endnote, busy with a number of projects over the years, the band hit the studio late last year to record Death Knows Your Name, set for release on Deathwish, Inc. later this year.

My question is, why didn't anyone tell us they retitled it The Time Is Now and had Lifeforce Records release it?

All kidding aside, the newest effort from Finland's Endstand really could be mistaken for that promised Hope Conspiracy album. The band delivers 35 minutes of rough, fast hardcore with hints of a metallic flair here and there, gravelly screamed vocals, tints of melody, and gang vocals that sound raw and never forced ("To Feel Alive"). A track like "Counting the Days" would best exemplify these traits, while rock 'n' roll riffs make for a nice touch on the slower, more reflective 5-minute closer, "Sometimes Dreams Might Come True."

As Endstand have a few years on Hope Conspiracy, the comparison could be a little off-base (read: reversed), but it's definitely the vibe I'm getting from The Time Is Now. Regardless, it's definitely a solid album if not certainly cluttered with a number of forgettable parts, and one of the first Lifeforce releases I've found quite some interest and enjoyment in.

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