Samiam - You Are Freaking Me Out (Cover Artwork)


You Are Freaking Me Out (1998)


This is a band who has changed a lot over the past 13 years, I loved everything they put out up until this record, "soar" "Billy" and "Clumsy" were all genius albums...Dont get me wrong Im not bashing this record, It just for some reason did'nt live up to what I expected it to be.

"full on" kicks ass..I was hoping the entire album would rock like this..but when "she found you" played...I was dissapointed a little...It soon picked up with "factory" and "ordinary life" well as "Mr. Walker" "if you say so" and a few others which are great.. but the others didnt really get my toes tappin.

I Can say that Samiam is one of the most respected groups Out there today, known for their amazing live shows...hard work ethic, and singer jason beebout's distinctive voice...and other aspects that make this band stand out from the others...

Im not sure to recommend this album though, Its good..but its not their best by far...if you want to discover them..get any of the new red archives material or "clumsy" on Atlantic.

I guess bands go through changes, and some pull it off, and some dont..then some could care less if they pull it off...I think Samiam just plays to do something they love and have fun at, and write music that is personal to still a fan of this band nonetheless, Dont think Im totally bashing this album because Im may actually love it..while I dont hate it..I just feel there is something missing, from a lot of the songs, Im kinda half and half on this one....Thats all I can say.