Remembering Never - God Save Us (Cover Artwork)

Remembering Never

God Save Us (2006)


Remembering Never's third full-length on Ferret Records is easily their best to date. Just like their prior releases, they progress and improve between discs.

One of the biggest flaws on Remembering Never's last release, Women and Children Die First, was that it was boring and unmemorable. On God Save Us, Remembering Never have partially solved the problem. Throughout the album their musical ability has improved enough that a decent amount of the songs are actually memorable. On tracks like "T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E." the vocals are a mix of shouting and almost Bane-like vocals.The transition between the shout and clean singing bring another dimension compared to all the other hardcore bands that just do the same thing throughout.

The main problem with the disc however is the same problem so many hardocre bands go through. They try to preach a message down our throats and a majority of the time, people don't care. It's also hard to listen to music that features breakdowns as the 'technical' portions of songs.

So while Remembering Never's latest release has some redeemable qualities, it still fails where a majority of the bands in the genre do. With a little more effort invested in originality instead of their message and image, this could have been a really good album. But because of its flaws, it's only a good but not great hardcore album.