Various - Check this out too! (Cover Artwork)


Check this out too! (1997)


You may have heard of onefoot records...not a big label to say the least, but they have or have had some of the best bands to grace their roster.

I'm not much into V/A comps, But this one caught my eye...and my ears. Its 25 songs 17 different bands in 74 minutes... Some of these bands Ive listened to for years..and some that were good to discover.

The first track is called "pitable" by a brazilian band called garage fuzz....judging by the name this band sounded lame, But in fact its a very awesome song. Quality isnt so good...but why else would they be called garage fuzz..just makes sense. the 2nd track is "bubble burst" by the great adhesive...and on to other friggin great songs by Kid with man head, Stoned, Horace pinker, electric frankenstein, Gameover, latex generation and not to mention a virtual shitload of bands Ive never heard of...i.e.: pep rally, gutfiddle, migranes, Lick 57's, and one that has became a recent favorite of mine, the Tie That Binds.

Its mostly filled with melodic punk bands with the exception of a few...Its a damn good comp. One of the few ive heard recently where I can enjoy the entire CD. I recommend if you see this lying around in your local record store pick it up definitley.... I dont think it's priced over 2.99 so start diggin for some couch change..or I think it and a bunch of other onefoot titles are available online.

While you're there check out some of the bands on onefoot... Radio bagdhad, KWMH, Adhesive, Tie that binds, racer Ten, Crank, and the other 2 check this out!! comps, and the also great..punk ass generosity CDs.