In Due Time - Final Showdown (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

In Due Time

Final Showdown (2005)

Strike First

"Strong faith in God, being yourself, especially in a scene where it is so easy to blend in, and staying true to what has been true to you is what we are all about." Bet you never heard that before in describing a hardcore band. Yet, with In Due Time's second Strike First release, Final Showdown, they do manage to be true to the tough guy sound they established when forming in 2001, despite the loss of their original vocalist.

While the album is comprised of many typical chug-chug, breakdown-immersed tracks (the title track), some less predictable, slightly less aggressive ones exist. The novelty of hearing tough guy hardcore bands spew emotional lyrics never ceases to amaze me; "I hope I make you proud. If I never take the chance to say thank you for everyday your life revolved around me, I'm saying it now. You make your son proud." While touching and thoughtful, visions of kids getting kicked in the face may appear while listening to "Dedicated."

Final Showdown closes with "Get Crunk Part II" (don't worry, there's "Part I" too), the album's most standout track with its vocal changes, gang vocals, and overall variation from the strict style the rest of the album abides by.

In Due Time decided to call it quits in January of 2006, with Final Showdown as their last contribution to the hardcore scene. The album in general, while seemingly almost solely comprised of vocals, drums and guitars, isn't Earth shattering, yet for what it is, relatively solid. With the abundance of similar acts present today (No Innocent Victim and Seventh Star to name a couple), as well as the likelihood of side projects forming, it's certain both In Due Time fans, and hardcore fans in general, will survive.