NeverHood - Fragile Feelings and Debacle Dealings (Cover Artwork)


Fragile Feelings and Debacle Dealings (2006)


There are always young bands at local shows that, whether consciously or not, have decided trend-hopping is the way to go when it comes to a musical endeavor. They are undeveloped and quite often unaware that emulation of idols tends to come off as a half-assed replica rather than a fresh creation. For all the effort NeverHood put into their sophomore release, it merely comes off sounding like one of those local acts that are content to recite the words of those who came before instead of finding their own voice.

Fragile Feelings and Debacle Dealings sounds good. The production is clear and very well done for an unsigned act. NeverHood also show that they have a keen sense of melody and a penchant for penning hooks. Still, the positives are outweighed by the fact that the band sound unsure of just who they want to be, instead too busy switching masks to ever show their real faces.

Opener "The Search for Shooting Stars" sounds like any pop-punk/emo act on Drive-Thru, while "Mechanical Maladjustment" is a blueprint for any band looking to ape Taking Back Sunday, and "Grey Skies, Blue Eyes" could be a Straylight Run B-side. Let's also not forget the use of synth and double bass, in all their awkward and unrewarding glory, and don't worry, the typical whiny vocals are also present and constantly struggling for those high notes.

NeverHood are not a bad band, just an uncreative one. Everything on Fragile Feelings and Debacle Dealings just feels eerily familiar, creating a sound that you will quickly understand, and then quickly forget along with the horde of other nameless pop-punk/emo acts that have crossed your path in the past.