The Forecast - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Cover Artwork)

The Forecast

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (2006)


The Forecast's previous release, Late Night Conversations was an average at best indie rock album that suffered from several boring song structures and the horrendous quality of female vocalist Shannon Burns. With a larger budget and more time to finally write an album, this is going to be the make or break album for the Forecast.

Sadly, the forecast is still cloudy for them. On opening track "Everything We Want to Be," Dustin Addis's vocal delivery is almost comparable to the earlier days of the Foo Fighters. "And We All Return to Our Rooms" lays down a solid base with the catchy dual vocals of Addis and Burns, but once again, Burns still seems off, making her voice to hard to listen to, coming off as off too high-pitched and whiny, ruining the laid back and mellow vocal presence of outstanding singer/guitarist Addis.

The rest of the album pretty much follows the same routine. While some of the songs manage to provide a blend of catchy pop choruses and indie rock, it's too much of the same and Burns's vocals hamper a majority of the songs. "A Fist Fight for Our Fathers" is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Some of the guitar work is rather interesting and Addis's vocals feel natural, but Burns's forced presence completely kills any momentum and ruins the entire song. It doesn't help at all that the second half of the album slows down completely and turns into the perfect album to cure insomnia.

So while the Forecast have strengthened their musical ability and Addis is still a strong vocalist, it can't save them from the out of place and painful vocals from Burns. In the Shadow of Two Gunmen could have easily worked if it weren't for the slowed down second half and prominent use of Burns's vocals. Hopefully they'll realize that she doesn't bring anything new to the table and then be able to write a completely enjoyable album.