Gunmoll - Anger Management in Four Chord (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Anger Management in Four Chord (2001)

No Idea band on No Idea? Do they sound like Hot Water Music, or Small Brown Bike? Maybe....

I can't give a complete detailed story on where Gunmoll came from and if they have some insane local following in Gainesville. I can tell you that Gunmoll rock. Think along the lines of Planes Mistaken for Stars/Hot Water Music/As Friends Rust. Good stuff, right? I'm going to assume that "Anger Management in Four Chords or Less" (isn't that one helluva album title?) is the debut full length from these guys. It combines, great up-tempo riffs, shout-along choruses, throbbing baselines. Not to mention vocalist Mike Hale's snotty/screamy/at times melodic voice.

As usual with the No Idea bands, without a lyric sheet its a little difficult to decipher what the hell they guys are talking about. Good stuff, no less, I'm sure.

I know this was not exactly what you look for when you read about a band, and surely some hardcore Gunmoll fan will criticize my attempt to capture the essence of this album in words. Bullocks to you...