Cleveland Bound Death Sentence - Cleveland Bound Death Sentence (Cover Artwork)

Cleveland Bound Death Sentence

Cleveland Bound Death Sentence (1999)


CBDS is the coming together of two punk giants, Patrick Costello of Dillinger Four fame and the legendary Aaron Cometbus who drummed for such notable East Bay bands as Crimpshine and Pinhead Gunpowder. This CD includes all of the band's recordings from 7"s and compilations along with some new songs they recorded up until 1999.

The songs on this CD are pretty short with all but one under two minutes. The entire album is about 20 minutes long, but what it lacks in length it makes up in raw energy. It grabs you right off the bat with the hard-hitting "Rumble Seats and Running Boards" and doesn't let you go. This is fast and loud punk at its finest. The vocals trade off from song to song between Paddy's throaty growl and Emily's gritty shreiking, but nothing is lost in the transition. Patrick conveys the same emotion in his voice as he does in Dillinger Four and makes you want to sing along with a raised fist and a sneer while Emily's singing brings thoughts of tough chicks in tougher bars who don't take shit off from anyone.

The overall mixture of aggression and harmony of the band makes this one of my favorite albums to listen to when I want something fast and up-tempo. I suggest picking this one up, especially if you're a D4 fan.