Square One - The Long Drive Home (Cover Artwork)
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Square One

The Long Drive Home (2001)

Stick to the Core

Visitors of punkupdates.com might remember I put up a show for Midtown a few months ago and these nice Belgian guys were the very good support band that night. Not only because they played a great set, but also because their music is somewhat comparable to Midtown's emotional melodic uptempo sound. What I admire in these guys is their ability to hold back and write original songs. They manage to build up songs, which any creative musician is aiming for I guess. Melodic guitars and a really good singer (who used to sing in Frisko's for Free) lead to mindsticking harmonious songs. Strangely the last 2 songs of the EP are my favorites. "Drama Queen" is one of those songs that start with a slow part to result in a really catchy chorus and on top there's really whirling guitar play. Just great. Recording quality is rather good, although I guess professional guidance for this band could lift them even higher. Maybe a little hint for the international labels out there? I really believe this is one of the most promising Belgian bands so if you're ever interested in what our scene has to offer, go get yourself this ep. BTW: They also appear on 2001: A Punk Odyssey. Unfortunately the song on that one (although it's a good one) has really poor sound quality. It's not one of the songs on this ep.