The Lillingtons - Death by Television (Cover Artwork)

The Lillingtons

Death by Television (1999)

Panic Button

I've been searching out this Wyoming three piece for some time now. Once again, Wayne, of the Connie Dungs, hooked me up with another great pop-punk album.

The Lillingtons first album, "Shit Out Of Luck", was great. Really Ramones-ish, with catchy-as-hell tunes like 'My Genitals Itch', 'Hooked On You', and 'Day Off'. However, the songs were a little less than mature, and the band reportedly hates the album and won't even play the songs live!

In 1999, the Lillingtons left behind the songs about high school, and decided to go a different way. SCI-FI! An entire album written in the vein of bad, re-run martian flicks.Genius! Death By Television was considered by many as one of the best releases of 1999, and now I know why.

The Lillingtons are obviously influenced heavily by the Ramones, but they have unique voices, cool guitar leads, and an edge that in unmistakeably original. 'War of the Worlds' opens the album on an extremely high note, and 'I Came from the Future' closes the album on an even higher one. A good range of pop-punk songs are jammed in the middle of those two gems quite nicely. A very complete album from an upcoming band.

Basically what I'm saying is this; anyone who owns a pair of Chuck's should also own this album. Yes, that includes the 1978 Boston Celtics.