Ferona Vei - Diary of a Stone Romantic (Cover Artwork)

Ferona Vei

Diary of a Stone Romantic (2006)


First I saw the album art. Ugh.

Then I read the album title. Ugh.

Then I stopped, took a deep breath, and convinced myself to not be so judgmental. I mean after all, I did like an album by a band named Pickled Dick that featured pandas in space suits on the cover. So I put the CD in my computer and quickly learned that my "ugh"s were quite justified.

Ferona Vei's modern rock (quick refresher: big guitars, bellowed vocals, crunchy parts for dude bros with Godsmack T-shirts to bob their heads to, cheesy solos, overproduction and valueless lyrics) sound is way too familiar and way too artless. Sure, every now and then they latch onto a good melody, but ultimately these guys sound like some local rock group that play shitty bars and cover songs by Three Doors Down.

There really isn't much else to say about this EP. If you need more info on what this band sounds like simply turn on your local rock station and listen for a bit. Yeah, it's like that.