Lokyata - Purified in Anger (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Purified in Anger (2006)



I really cannot even tell you guys how many sleepless nights I've spent thinking, "why will the gods above not bestow upon me another piece of garbage cleverly disguised as a metalcore album? What have I done to be so forsaken?" Well recently, after many nights of questioning my purpose and doubting my life in general, I can return to normal.

Thank you, Indianola Records, thank you.

Had you not reached down to the depths of your hearts to seek out the type of kindness it took to send me the Lokyata album Purified in Anger, simply put, I'd have lost the will to live by now. For too long, I have missed out on the fruits in life, such as the double bass and incomprehensible vocals that bad metalcore so dutifully provides. But now, now all is again right, and I have no one but Lokyata to thank. Straight from the first song, the cleverly titled "You Can't Say Much with a Gun in Your Mouth," I knew this was a match made in heaven. First off, these lyrics, they just…spoke to me. Let me indulge you in a particular passage I found to be both musically and spiritually enriching.

I take another breath, I must confess I've lost my mind / I define the pain I describe in blood, now take the barrel and make amends…for everything.
So profound, it's just refreshing to see a band nowadays that has something to truly say. Something beyond the typical, beyond the cliché. Lokyata, they are that band. And if you thought that was something, wait until halfway through the second song, when the vocalist defiantly proclaims "fuck you, I fucking hate you, fuck you, I fucking hate you!" Fourteen-year-olds whose parents will not let you extend curfew -- you now have a gallant spokesperson. Obviously, the music follows directly in suit. That is, with just being angry. In a fresh and original turn of events, in between bouts of venomously spat vocals, there's some brutal breakdowns, and they're fucking heavy, man. And let me tell you, those guitar squalls, they just come out of nowhere, adding even more depth to what's an already groundbreaking record.

So this, this is it. The album I've wished and pined for so many night before, and it has come, and it has delivered. Breakdowns, anguished lyrics, and…breakdowns; are there other elements to music? Not as far as I'm concerned. Well done.