From the Ground Up - Words Can't Explain (Cover Artwork)
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From the Ground Up

Words Can't Explain (2006)

Round 2

The one-sheet that came with From the Ground Up's Words Can't Explain described the band in the following: "mixing the vocals of Turning Point with the musical influences of Bane." I think my work is pretty much done here, as this is more or less fairly accurate (though it seems like you could flip-flop the description and it would work, too). It's relatively raw hardcore that definitely isn't blisteringly fast, but does wear its heart patently on its sleeve and is sort of refreshing in that sense.

Words Can't Explain offers up 4 new songs from the band (recorded Summer 2005) as well as their original 5-song demo (May 2004). Surprise surprise, the band's newer material is a little stronger and more developed and thought out -- in fact, they're all over 3 minutes apiece, whereas the longest demo tops out at 2:21. The most memorable of the 4 are "Nothing to Go Back To" with its solid tempo changes, and "The Greater Good," where Achilles / How We Are front-man Rory Vangrol offers his vicious delivery towards the closing finish, and I gotta say, he does a bangup job. Though in that particular song, the band's hook sounds a little "posi for the sake of posi" ("this may be the worst day of my life, but I'm still grateful to be alive!").

Thing about Words Can't Explain is that the demo portion is actually nearly as good as the newer songs. "What We Once Were" offers some of the disc's most urgent moments, and while the vocals are a little more in the background, they help lead the force well. "Tired" shows off a genuinely good dynamic and buildup/takeout.

I've given up on synonyms for "potential," but be assured that whatever they may be, From the Ground Up has them all in spades.

Nothing to Go Back To