My Epic - This Is Rescue (Cover Artwork)
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My Epic

This Is Rescue (2006)


My Epic probably thinks their band name is really apt because their modern version of post-hardcore borrows from the better acts of the genre, those being Thursday and Circa Survive. Unfortunately, the band doesn't really do much on their own to establish a unique personality or even hint at one down the line.

"Shadows" immediately starts with guitar arpeggios out of either of Thursday's 2 middle full-lengths (a trend that seems to pop up frequently throughout This Is Rescue's duration), while their lead vocalist offers a gentle, comforting and highly-pitched voice with a definite Anthony Green influence; even this is one of the EP's better tracks however, as 3 are significantly bloated spanning past 5 minutes apiece. One total party foul is in "...And We Were So Close to Perfection;" out of nowhere the band decides to throw in a guitar squeal -- not havin' it, fellas. An effort to incorporate post-rock elements in the song is apparent but feels incomplete for some reason, and only acts to drag it out at unnecessary lengths, letting it "explode" into more emotional, youthful yelling. When listening to "The Common Curse"'s quieter side of its dynamics, you keep expecting the band to explode into "In Fear and Faith"'s excellent outburst; instead, there really isn't an outburst at all, and the song goes nowhere. "The Making of a Recluse" is an especially half-assed CS rip. The intro to and overall piano usage of "En Machaerus" proves the band is definitely rocking some Copeland on those late night van drives.

This Is Rescue is just riddled with faults and an abbreviate creative structure. There's too much of everyone else and not nearly enough of My Epic. I shouldn't be constantly thinking of other bands when I listen to them and not even get enjoyment out of it simultaneously, but This Is Rescue simply offers that type of not so pleasant experience. Hopefully the band develops their penchant for experimental tendencies more for the next release.

En Machaerus