Kill Your Idols - Funeral For A Feeling (Cover Artwork)

Kill Your Idols

Funeral For A Feeling (2001)


For years, people have been touting Kill Your Idols as the band that may save hardcore, and now I know why. Despite having seen them live a few times and owning their No Gimmicks Needed CD, I never caught on to how good this band really is. In a live setting they were always overshadowed by flashier bands, and No Gimmicks... didn't immediately grab me and hasn't received that many listens. After hearing Funeral For a Feeling, though, I'm ready to give it another try.

It's difficult to describe what makes them so good, because they don't tout their expertise. Riffs are catchy but understated, and the vocals, while just as intense as any frontman's in hardcore, are relegated to a modest place in the mix. The arrangements are memorable and diverse, but not in an over-the-top, Dillinger Escape Plan kind of way. This is simply great hardcore punk rock played by people who know how to play it better than anyone else.

And unlike most hardcore bands, they don't give you a reason NOT to like them with homophobic, sexist, or just plain stupid lyrics. In fact, the lyrics are one of the strongest parts of the record. Andy's words both shed new light on standard hardcore/punk themes and explore new topics, and the lyric booklet is scattered with memorable lines.

More than two years later (that's 80 in hardcore years), this band still doesn't need any gimmicks, and you don't really need any detailed descriptions, either. If you like hard, fast, hardcore you'll like this release, plain and simple; there's not reason not to.

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