On a Warpath - On a Warpath [reissue] (Cover Artwork)
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On a Warpath

On a Warpath [reissue] (2006)

Hand of Hope

For On a Warpath's self-titled Hand of Hope release, I've decided to let the lyrics for the spoken-word interludes do the talking for me. I typed them up myself, so they might not be verbatim...

  • "Intro:" "What the fuck's up. On a Warpath back again. Still rolling with the motherfucking punches."
  • "Knuckle Up:" "In this motherfucking life, all that fucking matters to me is my boys and my motherfucking crew. Suicide crew. Burning that shit, motherfuckers."
  • "One by One:" "I look around. I see all you fucking cowards standing around me. You ain't got no fucking heart. No fucking courage. You're just a fucking bitch. Living in a fucked up world."
  • "Lying Face Down:" "Fucking blood sweat and tears, motherfuckers. Throughout all these years. I put in a lot of motherfucking work and now you all betray me? Fuck you and fuck what you stand for."
That's probably all you'll need to determine whether or not you'll want to listen to On a Warpath, but if it's not, the album is comprised of 9 tracks of straight-forward, angry, beatdown hardcore. Who would have guessed?