Guiltmaker - Driven by Arms (Cover Artwork)
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Driven by Arms (2006)

Kiss of Death

Guiltmaker prove in a mere 4 songs that they've got a masterful sense of early `90s post-hardcore and mid-`90s emo. Driven by Arms takes a foundation laid by Texas Is the Reason and adds on a few more complex layers, like Quicksand's softer parts; sort of like what Fairweather was doing on their 2002 EP, Alaska, but with an even greater nod to the time periods described above. It's notable to mention that this is a sound being created by ex-members of Reversal of Man, Combat Wounded Veteran, and a few others residing at the near opposite end of the musical spectrum.

Songs like opener "Connected" feature distorted, bouncing guitars, and endearing vocals, but that pretty much sets the pace for the rest of the disc -- songs all more or less flirting around the 4-minute mark, with mini buildups and fades, "Mark the Walls" executing one of these builds particularly well.

Driven by Arms is short, but promising. It's simply a sound rooted very much in those 1991-1996 years, and one that seems to be at a premium these days. To see the band flex their creative muscle -- and over the course of a full set of songs -- would be quite a treat.

Silent Eyes
Mark the Walls