Nights Like These - The Faithless (Cover Artwork)

Nights Like These

The Faithless (2006)


What do you think of when you hear about a band on Victory Records? What do you think of a band with a name like Nights Like These? Your first guess is probably that they're a cookie cutter emo band. If not, maybe a metalcore band trying to ride in on the success of label-mates Atreyu.

The band in question is indeed on Victory Records. They're called Nights Like These. And they don't share anything with Atreyu or the emo genre, but rather steal a note or two from Between the Buried and Me.

Nights Like These may officially be the best band that will never get a chance because of their label, which is a crying shame. The Faithless may easily be one of the heaviest albums released in a while, with loads of bone-crushing riffs, distortion, and pure intensity. Nights Like These just hammer away with a relentless attack full of fury and don't even consider slowing down. There's no sing-along choruses here, just straight-up metal.

"Scavenger's Daughter" is the perfect song to sum up The Faithless. It is a relentless attack of technicality and its chaotic onslaught sounds similar to what Between the Buried and Me would sound like if they slowed it down just a notch and filled their songs with more breakdowns. Even some of the guitar riffs could have been easily stolen from "Autodidact" if you compare the songs. As for vocals, Billy Bottom could easily be Guy Kozowyk's long lost brother, as each share a similar deep-throated and relentless shout and vocal approach.

The Faithless isn't another cookie cutter, polished and completely disposable record. It's easily the best album this entire year so far. Full of relentless fury, chaotic riffs, feriocous speed, technicality, and a refreshing feel, The Faithless is the next album you have to hear.