Better than a thousand - Just One (Cover Artwork)

Better than a thousand

Just One (1998)


When I heard Ray Cappo was doing this hardcore project comparable to Youth of Today I was excited to say the least. The band was called Better than a thousand and was said to be better than Youth of Today. I thought I doubt it, and my thoughs were confirmed when this album hit.

This was no youth of today..the music is similar, but the power, energy and emotion was gone it seemed. The album has some good songs dont get me wrong "live today" "is it education" "when seasons change" "alternative nation" all good songs...but nothing new for hardcore, It's the same old school "youth crew" sound which was popular throughout the late 80's but it's kinda been done to death.

I can hand it to the guys in BTA1000 though..they have definitley paid their dues to hardcore...of course Ray cappo (shelter, youth of today, slap of reality) Graham land, (Shelter) Jeff neuman (20% uncertain) and ken olden (famed hardcore producer and drummer). So the guys have the experience to back it up.

I'm not here to put this album down entirely, I can listen to it if I really need some fast hard music...but after a while it gets boring...with so many bands incorporating the late 80's/early 90's hardcore sound, its hard to differentiate between them really. But I can say this album is lyrically diverse..with the krishna element still there..and messages of politics, the music revolution, among other subjects.

I recommed this is your a fan of fast east coast hardcore. It's good..but something is just missing for me. If you don't like it...they lyrics alone are worth the money.