The Joykiller - Static (Cover Artwork)

The Joykiller

Static (1996)


Talk about experimental! (well they were at the time) The Joykiller was considered one of the most Unique on the epitaph roster..and still are to this day.

I remember hearing the S/T album in '96...and I wondered what the hell is this??? As the album continued on, I found myself really transfixed on a punk sound I've never heard before.

After an effortless search for the S/T album....I stumbled upon "static" and being the impulsive buyer that I am, I picked this up.

It was totally what I expected...An awesome mixture of some SoCal surf rock and pop punk, with some piano thrown in to create an infectious, creative musical concoction that stuck in my head for weeks.

The first song "hate" which is a great song..and also appeared on the punk-o-rama 2 comp. Then on to my favorite song on the album "I dont know" a pretty fast, very melodic tune which sets a good mood for the rest of the record. There are one or two songs that seemed lackluster to me, but other than that setback...a very clean produced, well written and musically well structured album.

Although no longer together, Their first two albums left a huge mark on the SoCal punk scene....and the credentials of some band members are enough to go on...T.S.O.L., blue stingrays etc...

You should check this band word of advice though...Do not buy the album "three" It goes along with nothing I've mentioned about them in this's a little too experimental to be called punk; more like new wave. But the S/T and this record totally kick ass.

I suggest you give this band a listen..It will strike you differently at first, but It has so many musical elements it should appeal to you in some way. If not, It will grow on you.