Pivit - Pressure (Cover Artwork)


Pressure (1996)

Red Eye

Pivit is a band I've just recently discovered....and after hearing their '98 release Millennium I was on a mad search for about a month for this record.

Having waited so long for this record on special order, the anticipation was building. I was really hoping this was going to live up to Millennium.

And oh yes, it lived up to my expectations. This is absolutely awesome. You can never go wrong with some good melodic skate punk. This album features a similar style as in Millennium but way more melodic, better structured songs and better guitar work.

The sound..(and I've said this before) calls to the early Unwritten Law sound, with some Bad Religion thrown in. But despite all that they have their own edge, which makes them unmistakeable. And takes me back to my days in Southern California.

Pivit has become one of my favorite bands, and for good reason; one listen to this and you'll know right away. I've also heard recent rumors they've gotten back together, so that's even better. I really hope this and Millennium aren't the last testaments of this awesome band.