Valient Thorr - Legend of the World (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Valient Thorr

Legend of the World (2006)


The second I popped Valient Thorr's new album on, I knew there was only one place to listen to this roughed up Southern-style rock record, so I headed on down to the local leather jacket bar, Bugaboo, and asked the bartender to pop it on.

Bugaboo is the kind of bar where the bartender looks at you funny if you order anything other than a beer or a whiskey. They also don't really give a shit about their customers. I remember this one time I got a Keith's on draft. The first sip tasted like shit, so I walked up to the bartender and said, "Excuse me, I think you hit the bottom of the keg. Can I grab another beer?" To which he replied, "Naw man, you just let it get warm." This is coming from the guy who handed me the beer about three minutes before I came back with it.

It's also the kind of bar where the lady who owns it, who has a drinking problem, likes to stand on the counter and spray bands and show-goers with whatever button she happens to hit on the beverage hose.

Dudes in this bar wear leather jackets with one of two patches on the back:

  1. Old AC/DC
  2. Turbonegro
When the province made it illegal to smoke in bars, Bugaboo still gave out ashtrays and then complained in the newspaper that "we can't help it if people hide in the bathroom and smoke."

Nashville Pussy played there a few years ago and every Saturday night there's one bartender who wears his Nashville Pussy shirt from that night.

Valient Thorr fit right in, though I'm not sure if I did.