Boredom - Squat-Thrust Captain (Cover Artwork)


Squat-Thrust Captain (2001)

Grey Van

This is a new release from a local band in Jacksonville, who seem to have made a name for themselves in Florida. My friend from Jacksonville sent me a copy and told me i need to listen to this band. I was totally blown away when I listened to it. It is a great punk/emo cd to listen to. All the songs are awsome with catchy guitar riffs and great vocals. Another thing that struck me about this is cd is it's studio quality. I would never have guessed that this is a local band, the sound quality is so good. The only thing that i didn't really like about the cd was that some of the songs sounded too much the same. Nevertheless this is still a great cd, a lot better than some of the bigger label crap out there.I definately think you guys should give this band a try.