Down By Law - Last of the Sharpshooters (Cover Artwork)

Down By Law

Last of the Sharpshooters (1997)


Down by law have always been one of those bands who aren't afraid to try and incorporate different styles and elements into their music. But while never retaining the same style musically, They have always had this unique edge that has made them unmistakeable.

I speak no less of this record. They have managed to amaze me once again, as only a few bands can over and over.

This was to be their last for Epitaph, and they sure as hell went out with a bang. This was a 7 year testament that shows this band has always been able to break down musical barriers and test the limits on modern punk rock.

On each DBL album the band has always seemed to (musically & lyrically) equal or top each record and this is an excellent example of that fact with the majority of my favorite Down by Law songs being from this record..."usa today" "burning heart" "question marks and periods" and "factory day just to name a few.

In the 2 years I've owned this great record, It has became a definite favorite of mine. Just some awesome musicianship that will leave the listener in awe. And to many people one of the most influential and innovative bands to come along in years.

I suggest you grab what DBL has released on epitaph...because rumor has it it's all going out of print soon. That, being the fact because the band left the label on pretty bad terms.

In my opinion, a flawless release by an fucking rad band that is always redefining themselves, and will continue to in the future.