The Death Set - To (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Death Set

To (2006)


The Death Set are a band that really knows how to pack it in. No, no, not like that, you sick bastard. What I was actually getting at is the remarkable ability to pack what seems like an absurd amount of music into a mere twelve minutes time.

In a more schizophrenic 7-song album than I think I've ever heard, the Death Set cascade through 7 tracks that average about a minute and a half apiece with an absolute reckless abandon. Each and every one are full of wailing garage rock vocals, fuzz-laden chord progressions, and the occasional inclusion of some quirky synth work. And as obnoxious a combination as that sounds like, it actually comes across quite well.

The attitude on a song like "Snap" is what really sells this band. The spunky female vocals over the bouncy bassline is just too catchy to deny. The delivery is quick and effective, with the jagged riffing really pushing the pace of the song along well. The followup, "Boys/Girls," is the band at their most spastic. The lead synth line is extremely quick, and it integrates well with the rest of the song, the vocals being much more angry and screamy than anywhere previously displayed on the album.

Not much to say here. Short, loud, fast, and full of attitude.