Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (Cover Artwork)

Dead Kennedys

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (1987)

Alternative Tentacles

First of all, I want to say that all the lawsuits bieng made against Jello and Alernative Tentacles are bullshit. I wish that the Dead Kennedys will be remembered as one of the greatest punk bands of all time and not a band that in the end got involved in so much bullshit.

Well anyway this record was one of the first punk records i ever bought. And it changed my life completely. My cousin got me into punk rock and i started listening to some bands like Mxpx and NOFX. The first time i listened to the Dead Kennedys, belive it or not, was on a video game !! Yeah you can call me a "poser" if you like but i got to know the Dead Kennedys by playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I just loved the song "police truck". So i went to the record store and bought "Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death". At first i only noted that it had Police Truck on the cd so i just bought it because of that. I didnt know that this was supposed to be like some kind of a "greatest hits" realese. So from the first time i listened to it I was blown away. Jello's voice was awesome and the music was fucking great too. The quality of the record isn't amazing but i just love the way it sounds !! Every song on this cd is awesome I love every single one of it. The lyrics are inclredible too. I never heard lyrics this good in my life. The way the Dead Kennedys mix politics with all that sarcasm, and humor is great. If i had to choose my favorite songs i would probably pick "police truck" (still my favorite), "holiday in cambodia", "I fought the law", and "Too drunk to fuck". Oh yeah this cd has 2 live songs, "Pull my strings" which is a funny as hell song about being just a tool in the music business and the hilarious "Night of the living rednecks" which is completely improvised.

So this band changed my life, like no other band would. I have to say that this is a punk classic, but i suggest that you pick up their first album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables which is one of the best punk albums of all time too. This cd kicks ass.